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Book Review: Saving the Dragon by Sara R Cleveland

@shcleveland #SavingtheDragon ★★★½

Not everything is what it seems. Penelope presses hard against the edicts of her father. This coming of age story tells a tale of a girl misunderstood and railing against the patriarchy... literally. In the sense that her father is preventing her from having anything to do with her penchant for magic.

As the story progresses, the old adage "where there's a will, there's a way" holds true. Penelope finds an ally to help her in secret. With how the events are unfolding, there are zero surprises for me. I was able to anticipate the reason for forbidding magic down to the responses from Penelope's father.

I did enjoy the character interactions, specifically Penelope trying to confound her father. I also like Penelope's reaction to Stefan's secret. The romantic interest and erotic tension between Penelope and Stefan is both sweet and fresh. Penelope is inexperienced and filled with youthful joy. Whilst I appreciated Penelope's plight. I feel identify more with Stefan. In my jaded older age, I am not sure I can handle such exuberance. I commend Penelope fighting for her right to bewitch and fall in love with whomever she wants. It does make want to read the other books in the series.

* An ARC was provided for an honest review


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