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Review: A Russian Bear by C.B. Conwy

★★★★★ WOW!  This was an amazing book for me.  I LOVED IT!  Mischa is an amazing dom.  Lovely too.  What he did with Tom blew my mind.  This is a book that caused me to be horny from the beginning through the end.  The D/s part was heady.  I was in heaven reading how Mischa topped Tom.  Tom is a totally sweetie pie.  He's so adorable.  The dynamic between the two was beautiful.  I loved how they balanced each other. Their sex scenes were HOT!  SO HOT!  I'm always a fan of anal sex and I admit to being jealous of Tom.  Mischa created some hot scenes for the two of them.  I'm so envious.

I loved Tom's innocence.  Watching him delve into the SM side of BDSM was a total vicarious thrill for me.  I devoured every little scene with Mischa pushing the limits and doling out delicious pain.  Oh the sweet, sweet pain!  Pain masochist alert!  The pain in this story is just right.  I shiver in delight at each scene involving pain.  HURT ME, please.

I was very angry at the literal gay bashing.  I wanted to hurt those bastards.  WTF.  I can't stand bulllies like those mo-fos.  Oh I was so angry!!!  I was very impressed with Mischa's method to bring Tom out of his depression.  This story was pure erotica and romance for me.  It's one of the sweetest romance stories I've read in a very long time.

I enjoy Ms. Conwy's writing style.  I connected with Tom from the initial contact. Tom was a more complicated grad student than I expected.  Mischa is the embodiment of an ideal dom for me.  Obviously it's unrealistic, but still, he's a fantasy dom in my book.  I recommend this book to those who enjoy a BDSM lifestyle and m/m romance.


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