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Review: A Swift and Savage Tide by Chloe Neill

★★★ ½ @chloeneill @netgalley #ASwiftandSavageTide

What if, Napolean lived in a world of magic? In this second book to the new series, Kit returns on another mission for her Queen. Her goal is to find out what the ex-emperor, Gerard is doing. As a covert spy, Kit drags her crew into perilous waters and she might drown in the expectations required of her and her people.

This is not a romance novel. Whilst there is a romantic thread between Rian and Kit, this is foremost, a novel about good versus evil. Or at least Kit's mission leads her to believe that there is evil on this earth and they work for Gerard. Past enemies long thought defeated have risen from the grave with newfound powers. It appears that those who willfully ignore elemental powers may now rue the day for forbidding it.

This mission is as much a journey of self-discovery for Kit. She learns more about her magic from the most unlikely places. This insight helps her develop new allies and gives her a perspective on people whom she previously thought were in the wrong. This grayness where people are neither for nor against the Queen is new grounds for Kit. Is it possible that people don't support nor are fully against Gerard? There is a certain appeal to Gerard's message. This speaks to a deeper problem for the society as a whole when they would rather go with Gerard's ruthlessness and wanton destruction than stay with the current safer rulers.

I don't know if Ms. Neill will delve more into this broken society of haves and have-nots. I do enjoy the exploration into the elemental magics. Specifically what little Kit knew about it, is now expanding and perhaps preparing her for more warfare using magic in offense. Because we now know, Kit can use her magics impressively in defense.

There are many details in this book I enjoyed. I hesitate to list them all because I don't want to give spoilers. Suffice to say, the water theme appeals to me greatly. Kit fighting for survival as well as sneaking past enemy lines is thrilling. The growing romance and sexual tension between Kit and Rian is moving at the pace I enjoy and it's unconventional and perfect. This fantasy is recommended to readers who enjoy magic, espionage, and a spy who loves me theme.

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