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Review: All Colors of Night by Jayne Ann Krentz

★★★★ @JayneAnnKrentz #AllColorsofNight #bookreview #Netgalley

Returning back to the Fogg Lake series is back to back action. Sierra Raines is a decedent from Fogg Lake and tried her hand in the normal muddles world of business. As an auction house authenticator, Sierra should have been golden with her psychic powers. Unfortunately for her, she does not protect herself from the unscrupulous. Now she works in the paranormal world for the Vault, run by secretive Jones. From the very first chapter, this book is on fire.

I like how Ms. Krentz's books are starting off with a bang. There is little introduction, we just dive right into a tense scene and it immediately has me perking up and engaged. I want to know why Sierra is being held at gunpoint and why she does what she does. This story is masterfully written with so many little "Easter egg" ties to Ms. Krentz's other series and even under other pen names. For loyal fans of Ms. Krentz and all the other pseudonyms she creates under, these ties give us a little thrill. And for me, makes me want to re-read several of her books in multiple different series. Because I still think we are are only seeing the tip of the iceberg in this elaborate world Ms. Krentz has created for her psychic characters. Just as I make a few connections and long standing subplots are being tied up, more questions arise and I am pulled further into this complicated world of paranormal power.

In this latest book, the skills of Sierra and North complement each other nicely. I enjoy how these two partner together instead of struggle to see who is on top. Sierra's ability to take care of herself and her client makes her more attractive to me. I like characters who roll with the punches and keep on task. Whilst her family may be regarded just a little too frou-frou compared to the serious and grim Foundation psychics, Sierra's family is not without power and it is proven time and time again.

I am thrilled with North's grandfather direction of paranormal inventions. It shows that Ms. Krentz takes the time to really think about what could be created and how a tool can be used for good or bad. Ms. Krentz's psychic exploration is both exciting and stimulating. It shows how versatile psychic skills can be and I wish it were real.

Returning back to the plot, this story moved. It feels as if Sierra and North are either one step ahead or two steps behind in every scene. It is nice to see that they make mistakes and then have to try to get themselves out of trouble. Going back to Fogg Lake and discovering more hidden secrets continues to add layers on this complicated government sanctioned yet denied research town. I keep wanting to learn more and I really want to know what "Here be monsters" means. After reading this book, I want to read the next one because it promises to be just as exciting.

What also makes me happy is a couple of plot twists I did not see coming. I am always pleased when an author can convincingly throw me off the path. Ms. Krentz did a nice job of leading a reader down a path and then changing it in a plausible way. This paranormal romance, more paranormal than romance is recommended to readers who enjoy psychic abilities and the responsibility that comes with it. This can be read as a standalone - I urge a reader to read the first book. Be forewarned, if this is the first book of Ms. Krentz for a reader, prepare to be sucked into several series and ending up with a major book hangover after reading through them all.

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