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Review: Alpha's Pride by S.L. Armstrong


Alec loves his alpha, who has been his mentor for decades. Nahele has kept the clan safe for centuries. Perhaps it has been centuries too long as he has been letting things slide which bothers Alec. Alec does his best to ask Nahele to change, but nothing changes and Nahele scoffs at Alec's worry. With no recourses left, Alec challenges Nahele for the Alpha position to implement his changes. Alec wins. Feeling betrayed, Nahele undermines Alec at every turn.

I feel for Alec. He loves Nahele but he wants to protect the clan. This was a moving story about how a mentor-lover situation turns into adversaries. My heart hurt as Nahele slices Alec's heart into pieces with every disrespect. While I understand Nahele felt betrayed, it didn't have to play out the way he forced it. Nahele's pride and vanity was his downfall.

This world created by duos S.L Armstrong and K. Piet is different. I liked the characters who are humans with animal body parts. I particularly enjoyed the tails. I've always wanted a functional tail. To read about a race with functional tails which also can be used for sexual petting had me over the moon. The story moved pretty fast and contained only a few sex scenes. However, I found each of the scenes hot and sexy. Since I enjoy rough sex and forced sex, I was happily humming with delight at the forced sexual submission.

What I enjoyed most about this story was the emotional aspect of two lovers who become opposing forces. While they still love each other but one does everything in his power to hurt, it moved me. The added mix of D/s submission brings a smile to my face. As with most stories, it takes the possibility of death to change their perspectives. I enjoy books which cause me emotional pain. I recommend this story to paranormal romance readers who enjoy m/m lovers.


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