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Review: Alpha's Rescue by Renee Rose

★★★★ @ReneeRoseAuthor @Jennw23 #AlphasRescue

Possessive surly male and an optimistic forgiving female come together and it is explosive - literally. Lana is a curveous business savvy woman who fulfills her parents' last wish. Unfortunately for her, her stepbrother is a jerk and leaves Lana in a dire situation. Coming to Lana's rescue is Teddy. Teddy is a bear shifter... get it? *snicker* The premise of this story sounded a bit hokey. The first few chapters were a bit sappy. Then it takes a turn for the better.

What I enjoyed about this story is the irrevence Teddy's brothers showed him and humans at times. I loved how they would show up in their bear form and wander through his cabin and lands. Teddy's need to cover for them is hilarious as Lana is human and shouldn't know about the shifter world. Teddy and Lana's insta-love/lust relationship works for me. Primarily because I liked both characters and felt they needed each other. Teddy needed to be brought back to basics about his family and helping them. Lana needed a family who valued her. Lana comes across as an eternal ball of sunshine. Her personality, thoughts, and advise bring a smile to my face. She is someone who will be loyal and a great friend.

This fated mate romance is a feel good book. The authors take a look at the worst in people and yet still show how there are others who will do the best. It is also a story of homecoming and brothers reconciling over past hurts. I devoured this story and went back to re-read some of my favourite bear antics. This paranormal romance with a hint of suspense is recommended to readers who love teddy bears.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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