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Review: Black Wings by Megan Hart

★★★★ #BlackWings #MeganHart

Disturbing, haunting, and gut clenching, Black Wing showcases Ms. Hart's versatile talents. When it comes to thought provoking moving tales, Ms. Hart delivers consistently. In this story, Edgar Allen Poe fans may fall in love with Ms. Hart. This story leans more towards the darker side of genius. Briella Blake is a smart little girl with questionable morals. She is on her way to be an excellent scientist. Because many of the best scientist making advances tend to view life as acceptable collateral damage in the name of science.

This book is haunting not with ghosts, but with foreshadowing. A loving mother can tell when there is something a bit different with their child. Briella is smart and demonstrates some lovable qualities. What she conceives for an experiment is mind blowing and I'm impressed. Some of the concepts may be considered fringe science, but there are scientist and billionaires in today's world trying to achieve her hypothesis.

This story is a page turner for me because I could envision the end of the tales. I wasn't sure where all the twists and turns would be. Ms. Hart does a wonderful job of creating suspense and fascinated horror as we watch the events unfold.

As a twelve year old, for Reading class, we were required to read through most of Edgar Allen Poe's collection of books. This book is in the same vein - a desperate and loving mother wanting the best for her child. This is a book to be experienced and great for a book club discussion. There is so much to unpack here. This dark tragedy is recommended to readers who like suspense and horror.


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