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Review: Blood Guard by Megan Erickson

★★★ ½ @MeganErickson_ #netgalley #bloodguard #bookreview

New to Me author Ms. Erickson pens an action packed race to safety for Tendra. This paranormal romance is a tightly focused plot with some sexy erotic moments. There are a couple of twist and turns to make the story a bit more interesting. I wish I had read this book earlier so I could immediately pick up the following book to this duology.

What I appreciated about this book, is that Tendra may not have known about the supernatural world or her background, but she was not completely helpless. Tendra's mother did her best to prepare her to defend and fend for herself. This immediately captures my attention because instead of being a whiny victim, Tendra is an empowered survivor who will fight for her choices. Tendra is an admirable character who literally rolls with the punches. She does not dither and play the damsel in distress. She figures out what needs to be done and does it. When she makes a mistake, she owns it. I like her a lot.

Athan is character who at first glance seems a bit stalkerish and cold. This is due to his upbringing and his lack of familiarity with humans. In fact, his cluelessness about pop culture reference makes this sometimes serious book lighter and funny. Ms. Erickson's comedic timing is perfect. I love it. The sexual chemistry between Tendra and Athan is strong and enjoyable to watch as it grows in heat. Whilst the characters are nicely fleshed out, the world building seems to be a bit thin and scarce. A reader quickly picks up the different vampire factions but there seems to be other supernaturals hinted yet never materialized.

This book flies by so quickly that the ending comes rushing to a conclusion all too soon. Whilst this book could be a one and only, it does leave room to have a follow up story with Athan's brother as the main character. I am eager to see what happens to him. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like strong female leads and... the movie Underworld with Kate Beckinsdale.

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