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Review: Bond of Destiny by Larissa Ione

★★★★ @LarissaIone #BondofDestiny #1001DarkNights

Returning back to the world of the Demonica Underworld is a pleasurable trip. As part of the 1001 Dark Nights series, Bond of Destiny can be read as a standalone. Fair warning . . . after reading this novella, if this is your first into the Demonica underworld, you might end up buying up the entire series to read.

This is one of the few blurbs I read before I picked up the book. A fan of Ms. Larissa, sometimes I need a little bit more orientation as to what is going on in the book universe. This blurb intrigued me with a slave werewolf and a human who wants him.

Tracker's life has been crap. Learning about how he's been treated and why he was sold into slavery is horrible. I felt so badly for him. I loved how he tried to understand this human world of contradictions. There are so many implied knowledge that doesn't make logical sense. Humans, maybe particularly America humans are illogical and don't say what they mean. I feel for Tracker.

Stacey is a pretty cool character. Her initial introduction at the start of this story is quite dramatic. I like it. Stacey is the human who doesn't understand slavery and unintentionally insults Tracker with her lack of understanding. Her baseline experiences come from a privileged sheltered life. As she learns more about Tracker, her eyes are opened and she begins to see why Tracker is having issues adjusting to life on Earth.

Ms. Ione does an incredible job of comparing slavery and bonds to those who are free. Her empathy adds an extra layer if richness to this grim tale. Fear not, there is a happily ever after, retribution and glorious vengeance. Ms. Ione packs a lot into this novella. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who love the misunderstood male who finds the perfect mate for him.


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