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Review: Brawn by Laurann Dohner

Brawn is one of the council. He's also loaned out to the human task team working on finding and rescuing other NSO who are still in captivity. I like Brawn. He's a feline most likely with panther mix. He's hawt and so sexy. He's also an all around great guy.

Becca, Tim's daughter, has never meet a NSO and doesn't know much about them. Tim is the former military man who leads the human task force. At this point, I'm a little incredulous. How the hell does Becca know so little? It's not like there isn't information in the news and such. This just goes to show the utterly dysfunctional her father/daughter relationship. I don't like Tim. I didn't like him when I first met him in Justice. I don't like him now in Brawn. He's a self righteous, overbearing and self centered father. He is a terrible absentee father.

This story is yet again about miscommunication which keeps Becca and Brawn from each other. I'm starting to get tired of this trope and hope Ms. Dohner ceases. It's the lowest common denominator and too easy for her. She can do better.

I still really enjoyed this book because I loved Brawn and Becca. Becca does a stupid thing but she did it out of love and protection. She did the best she could under the stressful circumstances. I like this about Becca.

One last thing I'm tired about - can we be done with the human hate groups? I'm so tired of them. Why are they so prevalent. I'd like to think we are better than this. Maybe I'm too optimistic which is something I've never been accused of being. I recommend this fast read to all romance lovers who enjoy a bit of the paranormal. This is a smexy read.


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