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Review: Burn by Maya Banks

★★★★ @maya_banks #bookreview #Burn #erotica

The last of the three musketeers to fall for a woman, it is no surprise that Ash finds a woman who is submissive. Ash's woman, Josie catches his eye because ... she is singing Shania Twain's song loud and proud ... "Don't impress me much". Ash is used to beautiful women going after him due to his wealth. His entire family tries to use him to some extent for his wealth, especially his dear parents.

I enjoyed this book thoroughly because Ash is a guy who is a survivor and basically sticks to his guns. He finds the perfect match in Josie who meets his needs of being loved for who he is, instead of what he has or what he can do. Their interactions are at times sweet and other times heated.

When it comes to writing a kinky romance with erotic power exchange, Ms. Banks does quite well in this book. I like how the BDSM isn't the center piece of this book. Instead, it is an enhancement element to add an extra spicy flavour to the romance. This bite is delicious with an alpha male who is sometimes mixed with his dominant demands. Paired with a graceful submissive who gently yield as she sees fit. The romance between the two is a bit softer and less crazy that Ash's two friends. This is not to say that Ash doesn't have his moments. What is with these male characters and their inability to use their words for effective communication?

One thing to note... I don't think I've ever had girls nights out like these romance books. Either my female friends have been very tame or I'm just very boring. Anyone else have girl's nights out similar to the ones in this trilogy?

This erotic romance is recommended to readers who love happily ever afters with a dash of spice.


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