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Review: Cat out of Hell, Vol III by Candace Blevins

★★★★★ @CandaceBlevins #CatoutofHellVol3 #Mustbuy

A stunning conclusion to this three story arc, volume 3 is a must read. This book should be read in the order they came out to experience the full effect. This book starts right where the second book ends. Becca is in trouble. She made 1 judgement in error and she's off for punishment. Unfortunately her plan to capture Kendric's attention backfired and I'm still a bit pissed about it.

All the things I thought about for how Kendric and Becca need to talk it out... Ms. Blevins resolves in this book. She does it in an adult manner by using words and effective communication. I love it. For those who read my scathing review of book 2, this final book completely redeems the situation for me as well as make me change my mind again. I'm all in turmoil as I liked Xaephan when he was first introduced in the original series. Then in the last book I'm beyond livid and want him dead. Now, in this book, Ms. Blevins shows more about him and I feel bad for him again. Gah! I am not sure I can handle all these extreme mixed feelings for a secondary character who isn't even supposed to take center stage.

The erotic sex in this book is fantastic and oh so dirty. When Becca goes all domme with Xaephan, it is delicious. She is delightful with edging and deferred gratification. There is so much going on in this book I'm surprised it all fit in. We learn more about Becca and wow does she turn into something fierce. What will come next with her new development is anyone's guess. I eagerly look forward to how Becca and Kendric may play a part in future books.

The character growth and progression of Becca in this three book story arc is right up my alley. We see her start out as unformed clay. She came across as a character with authority issues. As we learn more about Becca, it is quite amazing what she has had to overcome and grow into her potential. Honestly, a potential I would not have seen or guessed. Her happily ever after with Kendric is a hard won path. Whilst I struggled with some parts of Becca's story, her ending finished strong. Ms. Blevins dragged me kicking and screaming through many different volatile emotions in this 3 part story. I love it. This final book is entertaining, exhilarating and a must read. Buy this book now! Highly recommended to urban fantasy readers who enjoy character growth, complex plot with some smexy times.


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