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Review: Damage by Lilith Saintcrow

★★★ #netgalley #Damage

Picked up this book without reading the blurb. It's Ms. Saintcrow and I always read what she writes. This is a straight up romance without any paranormal. Since I didn't read the blurb, the suspense part and nanny job threw me.

When it comes to characters with a painful past, Ms. Saintcrow excels in creating them. Cara Halperin is a nanny to a precocious little boy. Cara's story of why she became a caregiver to someone else's child is tragic and moving. I am surprised she chose this vocation. It takes a strong person to try and move on by seeing and becoming close to something she so desperately wants.

The suspense part of this story is when Vincent Desmarais takes on the job to be a supplemental bodyguard to the little boy. Vincent comes with baggage as he is temporary on leave from the military. Adjusting to civilian life so that he can "get better" and rejoin what he wants to do is not working so well. This story is surprisingly like a made for Lifetime movie. The plot is straightforward and the evil villains are identified up front. What is nice is that none of the characters in this book are TSTL. Cara realizes something is wrong and tries to work it through with Vincent. Vincent takes Cara's information into account instead of discounting her as a hysterical female.

The growing relationship between Cara and Vincent is slow and sweet. The story on the other hand moves at a fast pace and quickly comes to an explosive conclusion. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who love happily ever afters.

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