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Review: Dark Alpha's Fury by Donna Grant

The end of the reaper series brings the much anticipated conclusion to Xanath's journey. This book should be read after the previous few books. It is not necessary to read the entire series. Reading the last 3 to 5 books will help a new reader orientate to the characters and the current story arc.

Xanath's life is filled with trauma and torture perpetrated by a family member who let their power get to their head. Xanath's determination to overcome his loss is tied with his thirst for vengeance. When the person who created almost all of his woes dies before he can mete out his revenge, it would seem his purpose is gone. Not so.

There are always more egotistical and selfish beings that want to take over the Fae and make the weak suffer. The evil of these Others causes Xanath to morph into a turbo charged vigilante. The Reapers are not sure how to find or help him. Xanath is confused about the changes in his body too. There is only one person patient enough to keep after him . . . Aisling. Aisling's back story if finally revealed in this book and it is a doozy. My heart aches for her. Aisling's chance at love again is a long time coming. With her falling for the thick headed Xanath, it may take a bit longer.

What I liked about this set up, is it explains how Xanath increased in power. The added layers to both Xanath and Aisling create characters that I admire even more. Ms. Grant brings together two damaged souls, flaws and all and blends them into a matching pair. Their relationship is not an instalove. The ups and downs are intense and yanks on the heartstrings of the reader. I like their tentative intimacy. I like how the two shy away from calling their relationship a romance yet they would die for each other. They are all about actions speaking louder than their words.

Whilst the hide and seek courting is going on, the Fae Others enter an epic battle against the Reapers. Ms. Grant does a lovely job of creating the tension and increasing the suspense as the Reapers race to find a way to end the corrupt Fae. As with all the series, Ms. Grant leaves a glimmer of possibility that another "big bad" will be showing up in the near future. This keeps a reader coming back for more. This paranormal romance is recommended to fans of this series who want their happily ever after.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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