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Review: Defeat the Darkness by Alexis Morgan


Hunter is a wounded warrior. He's a pretty irritable one too. He has good reason as the "others" tortured him to death. Back on he mend, but not 100%, he's shipped off to Seattle to help my favourite group of Paladins. Bane and his crew found place where Kalithia could be sneaking in.

In Justice Point, Tate runs a tea shop/bed breakfast/gym and apartment for rent. What exactly is this place her uncle left her? Reading about her shop, I can't fathom how she makes any money. She gives food away and she doesn't really have that many customers.

This was a book I still enjoyed because Ms. Morgan is a good writer. The plot was easy to follow and anticipate what would happen next. The cast of character I enjoyed showed up in this story. Hunter is your typical Paladin and Tate is not too different than the other women. All in all, the story was a fast read and it's good to know my guess at who the bad guy was, is correct.

Not sure what will happen with the series or if this is the end of it.

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