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Review: Dirty Deeds 2: An Urban Fantasy Collection


I picked up this collection because of three authors I love: Faith Hunter, Devon Monk, and Jennifer Estep. I ended up enjoying the entire collection. I did make me want to pick up the two other authors who I haven't followed much: R.J. Blain and Diana Pharaoh. Usually I shy away from collections or anthologies because the stories are left unfinished and leave me unsatisfied. In this one, I had more faith because it isn't Sci-fi. Sci-fi/Fantasy, especially with male authors tend to create these fanciful stories that start in the middle of a plot and is left unfinished. So frustrating. Thankfully, these are all short stories with a start, middle and end.

I enjoyed Liz and Eli's story. I like Eli a lot and to see him paired up with Liz is so good. Well, they are trying to work it out. To receive a second story from Ms. Hunter was a treat. I love dragons. This isn't a cross over that I could tell from any of her existing series. I found it to be hilarious. I really picked up the story because I wanted to read Oak and Ink.

I thoroughly enjoyed Oak and Ink. This compelling tell of regrets and forgiveness is compact and packed a punch for me. I find that all of Ms. Monk's stories move me. I felt for Cardamon. Her betrayal stung badly. For her to be able to work through it, impressive.

I also enjoyed Heart Strings by Jennifer Estep. She is one of my favourite authors and I always try to read everything she publishes. This one is in the Gin world that I adore. We are treated to a delightful story between Lorelei and Hugh. I like when secondary characters are featured in their own story.

This collection is recommended to readers both new and familiar to the authors. It may spark newbies to pick up the author's main series. For existing fans, these are delicious little insights to a world we love.


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