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Review: Dragon Candy by Talia Skye


Candice is a powerful female executive on top of the world. She possesses money and power. What more could a woman want? Sure she has neither sex life nor personal life, but her little boating vacation should do the trick. Except her boat is sucked into some dimensional warp and she’s in a land of dinosaurs! Well, there are reptiles similar to the dinosaurs described by human scientist and archeologist. Worst, some of these reptiles are humanoid in shape and want to eat humans!

Candice’s early journey starts from being stranded in desert, nearly eaten by reptilian men, rescued by former military and then prepared to be sold to the wealthy men in this backwater world. The first third of this book was capture, rape and nonconsensual sex. The former military men had gone off the reservation and were wild. Captain rescued her from being eaten yet he was no hero. He’s selling her off into sexual slavery as women are hot commodities in the Wild Lands. I wasn’t impressed. I thought about giving up on this book because Candice’s drivel nearly had me slapping her. First she’s outraged by her treatment. Then she’s all into being bound and submissive, but only on her terms.

When I nearly gave up hope for this book which was a debatable 1 or 2 paddles, the Kami Empire makes an appearance. Just as Candice now renamed to Candy is resigned to be a pampered sex slave of some rich man from the Wild Lands, she’s been ordered to be turned over to the Kami Empire. These are the people who rule this reptilian world. They are of Asian, more specifically Japanese decent and they seem to live in the Samurai-esque feudal times. This is when the story takes a turn for the better. The breaking and training of a female sex slave by the Kami is supernova hot!

I would like to preface the rest of my review with a clear notation that the sex in the book is non consensual and not part of the BDSM lifestyle. Yes, there are BDSM themes and play, but most of this is not possible in real life without danger of death or accidental dismemberment. This is not a SSC or even RACK BDSM play. This is all pure fantasy BDSM and it is HOT! The training Candy goes through is a bit similar to Anne Rice’s Beauty Trilogy. The difference is this first one is filled with graphic SM, BD and a good dose of rape. I gleefully played the voyeur, watching every humiliation Candy suffered. My favourite scene is with a reptilian female playing Mistress to Candy and anally raping her with an appendage only a reptile possesses. Since this is only book one of three, I can’t wait to read the next two books in this series. I highly recommend this hot slavery nonconsensual book to BDSM readers who want a bit of the fantasy. If you like deviance, debauchery and depravity, this book is for you.


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