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Review: Dragon Frost by Donna Grant

Winter is here! This means a special holiday celebration for the Dragon Kings. Or maybe not. In the past, the different dragon kings and their mates came together for a special yuletide gathering. Sometimes they held parties, other times they created incredible decorations. It was being together as part of the community that made it special.

This year, perhaps some of the different dragon lords are still gathering together. Con and Rhi will not be partaking. Why? I believe it is burnout. At my day job, during this time of year, employee burnout is high. We even have special sessions held by HR to help us address burnout and how to survive this season. For Con and Rhi, I am surprised they have not burned out earlier. They are going from one emergency to another. Theirs also involves life and death. They do not seem to ever get to enjoy the fruits of their labour. Even now, the way they are treated by the surviving dragons is reprehensible. Shame on those dragons! I digress.

This is a heartwarming getaway just for Con and Rhi to catch their breath and remember why all their hardships are worth it. Ms. Grant brings a little bit of a surprise for the two and it's exciting. Makes me wonder what will happen next! This holiday novella is an easy read for romance readers looking to kick back, drink hot chocolate, and experience some warm fuzzies.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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