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Review: How to Tame a Beast in Seven Day by Kerrelyn Sparks

★★★ #bookreview @KerrelynSparks #TheEmbraced

Readers who loved the Vampire series "Love at Stake", this new series from Ms. Sparks is promising. Instead of "Vampire LeStat", this is more X-men paranormal.

Luciana and her "sisters" grow up on the Isle of Moon. Her birth under a specific condition marks her as "other" and potentially dangerous. Hidden away, she is surprised when her father comes to her and asks her come back with him to "civilization". So... now that they need her, let's bring the embarrassment back into the fold. Yes, my interpretation is a bit harsh, but I feel that if you want something from someone, perhaps don't treat them like they don't exist, even if you say it is for their own good.

I found this first book to be fun and lighthearted in the way Ms. Sparks tends to write. Her writing voice is engaging and less serious. There is a certain quality of joyfulness I tend to enjoy. Even when the story can take serious turns or have brutal pasts, the character themselves are upbeat for the most part. They are survivors who look for the best. Luciana certain is this way. Especially as the way her father wants her back, is to be sold married to stranger. A stranger whom everyone is terrified of because he possesses a deadly element - the power of lightning. Basically he can fry his enemies, more or less.

This love story is a coming of age journey for both characters. It is sweet and moves at a good pace. Whilst this isn't instalove, the attraction between Luciana and Leofric is strong. This paranormal romance is recommended to readers who like magic and elemental powers.


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