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Review: Inked Craving by Carrie Ann Ryan

★★★★ @CarrieAnnRyan #InkedCraving

Hooked on the Montgomery family from Fort Collins, this latest romance is sweet and heartwarming. As the youngest in the family, Paige's self-image is a bit different than how her family and friends see her. Paige is ready to start her family like the rest of her siblings. Sadly, her hopes are dashed as she and her boyfriend are definitely not on the same page. It is devasting to watch Paige's love life become a complete train wreck.

What I like about this story is how Paige recovers from her unexpected break up. Her situation is all too real with a breath away from her white picket fence to left behind by the baby daddy. I cannot believe how clueless Colton came across. It is as if he uses Paige as a friends with benefits. All to often we see women who give their everything to a man only to be tossed aside for a new shinier toy.

This series honestly reminds me of the contemporary romances Nora Roberts used to write. Specifically, the MacGregors series. I absolutely adored the MacGregors series because of these heart warming family ties. Families that builds each other up and supports each other in times of need, just as they celebrate in times of joy. This series gives me the same feelings and I love it. I want to read every single book in this verse. Each of these family members finding their happily ever after in different permutations is wonderful. I am just sad I didn't find Ms. Ryan earlier. On the plus side, I now have so many books to buy and binge on.

This "ready made" family for Paige and Lee is a feel good book. It is almost a made for Hallmark movie without the cheesiness. The companionship and support Lee provides to Paige from beginning to end comes across so natural. Their love grown organically through actions of friendship and devotion is impressive. I like how their relationship could not be confined to a specific label. I love how well they communicate and treat each other. This is a wonderful contemporary romance that I recommend to all romance readers.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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