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Review: Last Guard by Nalini Singh

★★★★★ @NaliniSingh #LastGuard #NetGalley #MustRead #BuyItNow

The mysterious Mercant family is featured in this latest installment of the fabulous Psy-Changeling Trinity series. This time, Canto, one of Silver's family members is up front and center. Canto is a bit different than almost all Psy. He is physically not perfect. In fact, he is in a wheelchair. This is unusual but what is even more unusual is his specific psychic power. I read this book in one sitting. Then I proceeded to read my favourite parts over again.

This book moved me because I fell in loved with the characters. I am not sure how Ms. Singh is able to create such different characters yet with the consistent thread of trauma. The trauma both physical and psychological are all diabolical and cruel. I cried for both Canto and Payal. The childhood they lost due to their designation is heartbreaking.

These two new characters help build out this world even better and explains how the Net is going to heal. I love this new designation and how Ms. Singh introduces it and shows the history of how this designation is hidden and why. There are some who rail at this new book because they demand for other secondary characters from previous books to receive their love story. I'm not sure where people believe that secondary characters must receive their own novel because that is not a steadfast rule. I instead like how the author takes us on a beautiful journey through the world they have created with characters of their choosing.

The richness in emotion, culture and empathy of this story is almost overwhelming. There are several times whilst reading this tale that found tears slipped down my cheek. Ms. Singh lays bare the soul of two individuals who have suffered so much and yet risen against every challenge. I loved seeing how the two families - Mercant and Rao differ from each other. I try to make glaring stereotypes, but I find it interesting that Rao is a patriarchy and Mercant is a matriarchy. Not that it means much because it has been flipped around several times in this universe. Both men and women can be unbelievably ruthless.

Some of the scenes in this story are so painful yet cathartic that I feel as if they are burned in my memory. Ms. Singh creates a dark world of danger and lethal punishments for helpless children. She gives only a sliver of hope through a little glimmer of rebellion. This carries through to a world of where damaged children can either bring the world down or build it back up because they know what it is like to be broken. It is all about choices. Love it! This paranormal romance is highly recommended to readers who love characters who fight to overcome all adversity and succeed.

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