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Review: Lord of the Abyss by Nalini Singh


This book was wonderful. Why did I wait so long to read this book? Lord of Abyss is the fourth book in this series with Ms. Singh as the final writer. Even though it was the last one and I know the ending, I'm so enthralled I'm going to have to read the first three in this series. In this one, Micah is the youngest child of a beloved King and Queen who have been slaughtered by an evil sorcerer. He has no memory of his past. All he knows is his job as the Lord of the Abyss.

Determined to save the realm against her cruel father, Liliana finds Micah and tries to bring back his memories. She's under a time crunch because all four siblings must be united in order to defeat the blood sorcerer. This story while predictable in the happily ever after ending and the romance sparked between Liliana and Micah is so much more. The two characters are engaging. I feel sorrow for both. Both of them have lost so much. The sheer sadism of Liliana's father when all is revealed is rather astounding. I feel pity for Liliana all over again.

The story moves fast and is beautiful woven with magic and small touches of kindness. Not all is what it seems. I always enjoy Ms. Singh books because she is a wonderful storyteller who can paint a scene clearly in my mind. In this book, I could clearly see Micah's dungeon and castle. I could also visualize the gruesome lands spoiled and perverted by the Blood Sorcerer. I recommend this book to fantasy lovers who enjoy the flip side, the knight in shining armor is a woman, saving a lost boy.

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