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Review: Mistaken by A.K. Evans

★★★★ #Mistaken #AKEvans

The romance in this book is sweet and refreshing. I first came across Ms. Evans in March of 2023. Since then, she somehow written 10 more books in this series! I am dreadfully behind. I need to pick up the previous 9 books I missed. This latest one appealed to me on several levels. I enjoyed the plot, the character, and the romance.

Sophie Belmonte is a daddy's girl and she is just coming out of her mourning period. I liked Sophie. Her life style is so different from mine that I cannot relate. Yet her morals and what drives her are completely relatable. She is gracious, giving, and wary of people. She is also humble for someone who comes from money. She is down to earth.

When a very sentimental item left to her by her late father is stolen, she is heart broken. Some people may scoff at her "possession" being stolen. But it is more than just a thing. This was an item her father spent a lot of time on and loved. Bequeath to her, it is a tie to her beloved father. It is as if a piece of her is stolen. Ms. Evans describes it so well that I cannot help but feel sorrow for Sophie.

Luckily for her, The Harper Security team is on the job. The lead investigator, Jax Turner, catches one look at Sophie and is hooked. I liked how Ms. Evans shows the differences of their lifestyle. There are some misconceptions from both of them about each other. When they do open up and talk, the mutual interests and view of life becomes so apparent. I love it.

This could be an instalove story with little plot. It is not. It is a whirlwind romance with a heartbreaking betrayal at the end. I became fully invested in this tale and I wanted my happily ever after. Whilst Sophie does end up with a happily ever after, it isn't without pain and a bit of lingering suffering. Recommended to romance reader who enjoy a bit of suspense.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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