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Review: Mooning over a Monster by Lauren Connolly

@laurenaliciaCon ★★★★ #MooningoveraMonster

In a world where looking different is a problem, Satine hides out at home because she cannot shift to look human. Luckily for her, she can work remotely more or less and she can have her food delivered. Plus, Amazon to the rescue. Never go shopping in a brick and mortar store again! Still, being a hermit is not fun.

I felt Satine's situation is an allegory for people with physical disabilities that people tend to make fun of or cringe away from. I admire how Ms. Connolly writes this with empathy and showing how life can still be lead to its fullest in a creative manner.

In addition, this is a romance, Satine finds her perfect man . . . Mahon. Mahon is a bear shifter who is described so well that I can visualize him easily. His sense of humour meshes well with Satine. Their awkward interactions makes it more endearing for me.

This novella is recommended to paranormal romance readers who like a sweet funny romance.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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