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Review: Never Enough by Lauren Dane


Finally Adrian's story is here.  While the picture on the cover is not how I imagined Adrian, it didn't stop me from devouring this book.  I have a couple of dozen of books in my queue to read and yet I couldn't resist and had to place this up front.  I've mostly drifted away from contemporary romances because they don't really do it for me.  There are only a few authors I will read them from with greedy gluttonous delight - Ms. Dane is one of them.

I really liked Gillian.  She's different than all the other women to date in this series.  Yes, there are similarities but she is unique and an individual.  I enjoy this greatly about Ms. Dane's writing.  Her characters are different from each other.  I can remember who each one is because they are created to be like real people.  Each person is different with their own personality and skills.  I can actually remember the names of each character because they become real to me.  Of course, I do like the Brown siblings and this is my favourite book since the first one with Erin. 

What I find interesting is that I don't like Erin too much nor do I like Adrian.  It's the love of their lives that really pull me in.  I love Todd and Ben.  I ADORE Gillian.  The reason why I don't like Erin and Adrian is despite Ms. Dane's characters insisting that Erin and Adrian are humble and down to earth, they are still prima donna rock stars to me.  The fact that they are rock stars means they can be.  But it doesn't mean I have to like them.  Here's the thing.  It's always about them and their life.  Yes Erin had a terrible experience with her past and her daughter.  So everything is about "her".  Gillian who had no choice over her father and what he did, suddenly Erin's been hurt and betrayed by Gillian?  What a f-ing self-centered be-yotch.  Wah wah wah.  Erin is all hurt again.  So injured.  Did she ever think about what Gillian has to go through?  No, because she's a self centered be-yotch, just like Raven.  Hello, Pot ... Kettle?

Adrian and his "she holds back" hang ups.  What.the.hell?  What part of her being English was hard to understand?  Has he never heard the phrase "stiff upper lip"?  Please.  Get over yourself, Adrian.  Gillian is too good for you.  And seriously, he thinks make up sex is a good thing.  *shudder*  I loathe people who feel a great fight is awesome because of the make up sex after.  Especially the ones who instigate a fight just to have make up sex.  I guess it works for them, but really, do we need a reason to have sex?  Words can not be taken back once spoken.  Sex isn't going to fix the pain caused by careless and spiteful words.  Brody is the only good sibling, thank goodness he can kick some sense into his younger brother and sister.

I'm so irritated with characters that don't even exist.  This is the magic of Ms. Dane.  She creates them so well that I want to treat them like real people.  The situations flow and make so much sense that even if I know it's going to be a train wreck coming up, I'm still stunned when it happens.  There are no surprises or twists and turns.  This is a story which natural flows the way we'd expect.  The beauty of it is the way it is presented so that we are pulled into a journey as avid voyeurs.

I recommend this book to romance lovers who enjoy a bit of kink and want a HEA.  Ms. Dane does get a bit rougher in the sex, but it's still rather sweetly erotic.  Nothing shocking.  For fans of the Brown Sibling series, this is a must read.


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