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Review: One Last Kiss by Kat Martin

★★★ ½ @katmartinauthor @OneLastKiss #NetGalley

Heartwarming and sweet, this contemporary romance with a city girl returning back to her roots is a delight. One Last Kiss kicks off a new series by talented author, Ms. Martin. This short prequel sets the tone to this series so far. The setting harkens back to a time where the noise of social media and electronics is shut off. I like it.

Sam Bridger performs one last favour for a dear friend of his. Last favour because it was his friend's dying wish to have his beloved niece spend a month at Sam's ranch as a working employee in order for her to receive her inheritance. This sounds like a piece of cake except that said niece is a ... make-up model.

Not sure how this set up would be, I was a bit thinking this was going to be like Bill Crystal's City Slickers movie. Instead, this romance brings out a cathartic release for Libby, the high society model. I am touched by how Libby reconnects with her past. Her uncle's last gift to her is priceless. This is more than just a romance. Ms. Martin throws in a little suspense and introduces a character who will take the lead in the next book in this series. This contemporary romance is recommended to readers who like wholesome characters and cowboys with a heart of gold.

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