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Review: One week to Claim it All by Adriana Herrera

★★★ ½ @ladrianaherrera @TRRtweet #NetGalley #OneWeektoClaimItAll

When it comes to showcasing other cultures in America, Ms. Herrera is one of the best. Whenever I see her name come across for a new book, my eyes light up because I know I am going to learn a little be more about the Latino culture.

In this latest contemporary romance, two ex-lovers bid for their dream job. In one corner, we have Esmeralda, the bastard child of the deceased Sambrano patriarch. In the other corner, we have Rodrigo, the chosen protégé of the same deceased patriarch. With this be a bitter lovers scorn ruthless fight to own what they both want? No it is not. Instead, this is a complicated romance revealing past hurts, betrayals and insecurities.

My heart hears for both Esmeralda and Rodrigo. Both of them have been placed in tough spots not originally of their choosing. Their past is complicated with bittersweet memories. Their sexual chemistry is still strong. At times they fall into their old habits of friendship only to remember that they are rivals.

The parts about this story I enjoyed is learning more about how there is much diversity in the Latino culture. The ideas that Esmeralda proposes to share more about different LATAM (Latin America) countries are exciting - history and cooking are big hits for me. Makes me want this to be real so that I can learn more. Because honestly, when I think of Spanish or Latin television, I think of Telenova and dramas. Neither appeal to me.

The romance between Esmeralda and Rodrigo is sexy and sweet. Sweet because it brings back their previous youthful passion and when they thought they could conquer the world together. Their jaded adult experiences does make the sexy times a bit awkward after the fact. I could do without those but they do make a point and they are necessary scenes. I loved how Esmeralda's mother and aunts love Rodrigo and how they treat him like a cherished family member.

This contemporary romance is recommended to readers who love second chance romances.

*provided by NetGalley


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