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Review: Out of My League by Michele Zurlo


Do you fantasize about the hot guy in the class you teach? Does he make you stutter and lose all thoughts? For Mia, Kaelen is this guy. She’s finishing her last semester as a teaching assistant to a much loathed professor. Kaelen is one of the older students; he is tall, hot and charming. She can just tell women flock to him. His flirty attitude with her flusters her every time.

To get Kaelen out of her system, Mia decides to buy a fantasy package from Oasis. The company grants fantasies at a price. The lengthy survey allows her to specify the kind of man she wants and what she wants him to do with her. Kaelen is the model for the man she wants. And a spanking is what she is going to hopefully receive.

This story was sweet and predictable. It was predictable in the sense that the reader knew Kaelen would turn out to be the mystery stranger showing up at Oasis. Since I’m starting in on book three and haven’t read the previous two books, I’m not sure if there is more about this mysterious fantasy fulfilling company. What I do know is, I love the concept. Oasis would be fun to work for as well as use for a fun filled vacation. I’m leaning more towards working for since I already married the man of my dreams.

Ms. Zurlo’s writing style is smooth and flows. There are no abrupt endings to leap into a new scene. Her transition into and out of a sex scene were well done. None of the sex scenes felt as though they were thrown in just to give the story some spice. The sex scenes were smexy and tasty. The kinky role playing is definitely spark worthy. The addition of toys and the inventive ways Kaelen used them sparked my interest. I still categorized this as SugarKink sweet. Yes, there were BDSM undertones, but there was very little BD, no D/s and no SM. I still enjoyed the kinky treat. I recommend this book to SugarKink lovers who like the teacher/student combination.

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