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Review: Peril Anthology

★★★ #Peril #NetGalley

A fan of all three authors, I picked up this book and enjoyed the suspense. All three are about women who have to make tough choices about their life which includes an inconvenient man. This is a romantic suspense anthology so we know there will be a happily ever after.

In the aptly named Redemptions, Tessa is finally given a chance to figure out who killed her partner. This is an action-packed tale where Tessa is reunited with her one-night stand, Ian to resolve a cold case. The plot is straight forward and the conflict is nicely resolved. Tessa did have to work through some emotional baggage with Ian. A lovely read from Ms. Ivy.

In the second story, Ella Riverton is struggling with a runaway groom. In the sense that Caden left her before they even made it to the alter. Author Zanetti delves into PTSD in this novella in a manner that helps loved ones understand a viewpoint from the one suffering from PTSD. Caden made a mistake with his not-quite Dear John letter, but he tries hard to make it up to Ella. I found the pressure he put her under to return back him unfair. He expected Ella to jump to his timetable after pulling a stunt that plays right into her fears. Not cool. In the midst of this emotional barrage, there is a crime to be solved which pulls Ella into a dangerous situation. Something about life-threatening situations drives a person to want life-affirming sex. This is all good for Caden.

The last story is by Ms. Martin. I have previously read this story by itself so it is a repeat. Libby's uncle's dying wish was for her to be happy. His idea of happiness is different from hers. Her model ways with high-end clothing and shoes don't jive with working on a ranch that is barely staying above the water. To inherit what he left her, she needs to spend a month there. On the surface, this story seems shallow because a rich girl is getting a "city slickered". When Libby's background is revealed, it starts to make sense. Libby's childhood trauma was never fully addressed by her. She suppressed memories and her loss was something her uncle always wanted her to confront and be at peace with. This sneaky guy meddles in her life but for the good of it. Libby's experience on Sam's ranch helps her finally heal. I liked this message. Of course, this story couldn't be complete without a little sabotage and suspense.

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