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Review: Pixieland Diaries by Christina Bauer

Finally starting a series at the beginning instead of the middle with Ms. Bauer, I'm thinking this series is not written for people like me. The writing style of breaking through the 4th wall (see this blog post) even if it is through a Diary entry doesn't work for me. I don't like it. I suffered through each diary entry to get to the action.

My main issue with Diary entry style writing is that there is too much talking and not enough action. I don't want to be talked at - which is why I don't watch a reality TV or chick movies. I want action. Or as someone once told me, I prefer "less talkie".

The second part is that somehow once again I pick up a YA book that I should have known better. To be fair, the last 3 YA series I picked up from Ms. Bauer were quite good and I enjoyed them. Perhaps the "sweet sixteen" is too young for me. I get that Calla's personality is typical teenage drama complete with a miss sassy pants attitude. It wasn't endearing to me. She is annoying to me, just like how others see her. It is only about maybe 60% into the book that my liking for the book turns around for the better. This book's rating went from maybe I don't want to rate this book or is it a 1 star to moving up to a 2 star. For me, 2 star means it is okay.

The premise of the story is good. The quest is a nice touch. The annoying monologue is a bit painful to read. The characters are so-so for me. There is only 1 tidbit in this story which shows up at the end that I kind of liked. It is the name of Calla's mother in the human world. I find that interesting. This book is recommended to YA readers who love drama, teenage crushes and sassy female characters.

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