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Review: Pretty Little Wife by Darby Kane

★★★★ #PrettyLittleWife #netgalley @helenkaydimon

A fan of Ms. Dimon, when I found her new pen name and a brand new book by her, I had to pick it up. Pretty Little Wife completely blows my mind. I can honestly see this book as a movie that will keep people at the edge of their seat. Nothing is as it seems in this book.

Lila is a "trophy" wife who is in a loveless marriage. She is a woman who has been surprised by a man who cannot handle a wife who is better than he is and... when she finds out his dirty little secret, this is the last straw for her. This story has more layers than an onion. It is so well crafted that at each point as new information comes to light, I'm shocked and I want to learn more. It is rare that an author can catch me off guard. There are little hints here and there which allows me to guess at least 1 thing correct about two third of the way through the book. For the most of it, I'm along for this hellish ride Lila's being put through.

Sadly, Lila represents all too many women who are in abusive relationships where there is no physical altercations, but the words, the gaslighting, the deriding attitude all chip away at her. I feel badly for Lila and I want to kick her "perfectly charming" husband that everyone loves in the nuts. If anyone deserves to be gutted and shoved into a deep hole, he does.

I am hesitant to reveal much about this story because it is the element of surprise which makes it so good. I enjoy how many supporting characters are not what they first seem. And that Lila is not infallible. Ms. Kane/Dimon does a great job of keeping the reader questioning what will happen next and what next reveal will send Lila reeling. Using public sentiment and showing how easily the wind changes helped make the story feel more real. The different connections in this story which all come together at the end is marvelous. I felt stimulated the entire time I read this book. I highly recommend this thriller to readers looking for something different and like surprises.

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