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Review: Reign by Donna Grant


This is a mind boggling scenario in Reign where a person loses all their memory and has to start over. This brings in the age old question - is it nature or nurture that builds a person's character. I found this story and journey of Malene to be both interesting and scary. Interesting because what a fascinating case study she could be. Scary because losing memory is one of my greatest fears.

Dagny and Malene are two totally different people on the surface. It also seems as if they would be on opposing sides. Or as one could say . . . Dagny bad; Malene good. As we dive deeper into what makes Dagny tick, it seems all of Malene is gone. Perhaps without the Varroki experience during her formative years, she would have turn out more like Dagny. But is it?

Watching Armir trying to reconcile, support, and love Dagny is a testimony to dedication and loyalty. I liked how Armir didn't try to force Dagny to remember or be Malene. He accepted Dagny for who she has become. He only wants to temper and help her understand the Varroki better. This is a technique in healing I rarely ever see in a storyline. I like it. This story demonstrates love in a steady consistent force that doesn't shy from any hardships. Recommended for romance lovers who believe in the magic of love.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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