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Review: Rhett Redeemed by Chantal Fernando

★★★★ @ChantalFernando #NetGalley #RhettRedemmed

When a bad boy has the best of intentions and then proceeds to muck it all up. Rhett being tagged as the heir apparent for the Wind Dragons is a bit iffy in my book. I'm not saying that he is dumb. What I am saying is that perhaps he doesn't have the right mindset yet. He seems to not think things through and look at the ramifications of his actions. Plus his communication skills suck. How on earth would it be believable that he can be President when the current one retires? He is so not ready.

In spite of my skepticism about Rhett's abilities, I did find this book a great read. I have re-read over passages I enjoyed multiple times which is always a good sign. Ms. Fernando is growing on me for MC books. I am generally not a fan of MC books because I can't stand the culture and the boys (yea, I know they are supposed to be men) come across as idiots without a cause. Fortunately, this rosy-coloured fantasy depiction of the MC club in Ms. Fernando's universe works for me.

Rhett makes several rookie mistakes in both his love life and his club life. This plot device works because it makes Rhett a better person. And let's hope these early mistakes in life are a bit easier to forgive due to the "young, dumb and full of cum" pass we give to young men won't be made again as Rhett matures. As he's making these poor choices in communication and how to end a relationship, he unwittingly involves Constance.

We first meet Constance in the prior book as the half-sister of Rhett's fiancee, Cara. Constance is an unknown quantity since she only recently found out about a sibling and looked to connect. Due to the mutual father, all of Cara's friends are wary of Constance and believe she has some long con going. Seeing the world from Constance's perspective makes me feel so sad for her. She's been given a bum life and she is doing her best. She is all alone in the world and trying to pull herself out of a pit. She doesn't need any more negativity.

Rhett brings a spark to Constance's life and he also drags her down with his unresolved baggage. This up and down makes the story more complicated and I like it. I enjoyed how they had to work through things and how Constance did receive a little help from possible new friends. I also like that those who were horrible to her learned the backstory and were ashamed. This doesn't happen often. I still want to grab Constance, wrap her up in a blanket, and protect her. She needs more people in her court. I did at first think Rhett wasn't good enough for her. By the end of the book, Rhett redeems himself and the couple is made for each other.

This feel-good romance is recommended to MC readers who enjoy bad boys with hearts of gold who find the right ole lady.

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