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Review: Rogue Possession by Jeffe Kennedy

★★★★ @jeffekennedy #RoguePossession

Deferred gratification is well played by Rogue as he seduces both Gwynn and the reader in book two of this series. I highly recommend reading this after reading the 1st book. This book mixes sexual slavery with magic training and the end result is explosive. In this world as with other dark faere tales, the fae are not to be messed with because they are not cutsey Disney-ifed fairies. The creatures in this world are dark, intense, and do not value life. I love it.

Gwynn made a few mistakes because Rogue keeps things too close to his chest. Her time being "educated" is brutal and terrible. Kind of hawt though. This does allow Gwynn to access her magic and becomes useful in the most asinine war. The war the fae have is trivial and catastrophic for the human canon fodder. When immortals are bored and sociopaths, bad things happen. Gwynn is trying to figure out this world and how to return to her own. But does she really need to go back. Even with all the danger and amoral fiends running amok, this life is so much more eventful than her old one. Plus, Rogue is a delicious bad boy. Let's not forget the Black Dog. He's adorable. Okey, a menace that strikes fear in the hearts of many but for me just makes me feel so soft and squishy inside. Yes, something is wrong with me.

What I enjoyed most about this book is now Rogue ratchets up the sexual tension. He is devilishly good at getting Gwynn's goose. She asked for it and I have zero sympathy for her. I get that she's pissed. But honestly, I'm leaning more towards Rogue and rooting for him. The sexual chemistry between the two is supernova hawt and I love how much he teases and torments her. She resists but it clearly breaks her. MWUAHAHAHAHAHA. What I did not like about this book is Rogue not sharing enough information with Gwynn so that she can make informed decisions. I am not saying he's wrong about it because she is a little bit of a loose cannon that I wouldn't necessarily trust for logical decisions. Still, it would be nice for her to be more a partner rather than as the title indicates, a possession. I wouldn't mind being owned by Rogue. *evil grin* This erotic high fantasy is filled with sexy times, hi-jinks, and oddly enough a total dork. Recommended to fantasy readers who like the Grimm Faery tales.

* I voluntarily reviewed a copy of this book.


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