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Review: Save my Dragon by Joely Sue Burkhart

★★★ @joelysue #SavemyDragon

The follow-up book to Free my Dragon is in the same world with a different tribe and cross-over ties to the beloved Shanhasson series. This can be read as a standalone book. In fact, I'm not sure reading the first book will help a reader orient themselves correctly in this world. I found this book to just be okay for me because for half of it, I'm trying to reconcile and fit this story in with the timeline and events of what happened in Free my Dragon.

Eleni is a desperate woman willing to do what it takes to escape her psychotic brother. This is a dark paranormal novel with a bit of abuse. This is not to be confused with the erotic vibe between Eleni and her chosen lover, Zahak. Once I understand the sequence of events here, I can focus on the terrible siblings Eleni and Zahak have been saddled with. Both of these characters have much in common. It is sad to see how their noble ways are mistreated and misused by someone that should love them. Eleni's brother is a power-hungry tyrant who wants to violate her among other things sexually. Lovely. Zahak's brother is a good-for-nothing whiny b. Both are selfish and commit terrible acts against their sibling.

The plot and subplot in this story are messy. It is not as tightly written as some of her previous books. Still, it is interesting in the primal sex as well as the dark undertones. The imagery and savagery of this novella work well and I wonder if there will be more in this series. Recommended for dark erotic romance readers.

* I voluntarily reviewed an ARC of this book.


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