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Review: Sound of Darkness by Heather Graham

★★★ ½ @heathergraham #SoundofDarkness #NetGalley

Suspense and psychics go hand in hand for the Krewe team. This 3.5 star book takes us into a serial killer who tortures women and then buries them alive. How many people are in this special FBI task force? It seems like there are more and more added to this team. I like it and I like how the different agents find their way into this special place that allows them to use all their skills.

An experienced agent, Mark is paired together with a rookie, Colleen Law. This seems to be a recurring theme and I like it. It would be interesting to have it flipped where the rookie is a male and the experienced agent is a female. It may be something only I would like though. As there still seems to be the stigma applied to the older woman and younger man romance. Although, theoretically, the rookie doesn't have to be young, just new to the Krewe task force. I digress.

Colleen is special in a couple of ways. She can hear live people calling for help. She can also see and interact with ghosts. What is really cool is that she is a triplet. Her brother and sister also have their own special powers. I would love to have their stories. I understand they probably won't be part of the Krewe task force. So maybe they can have their own novella in the 1001 Dark Nights series. (*hint hint - Ms. Graham)

Colleen's pairing with Mark starts out rocky. Mark does have an advantage with an adorable doggy partner, Red. As a dog lover, Red nearly steals the show for me. Ms. Graham gave him several great scenes yet didn't let the storyline be overtaken by him. Red does win Colleen over much faster than a recalcitrant Mark who doesn't want a rookie partner. Their romance is sweet and predictable.

The suspense part of this story is okay for me. The sleuthing isn't as strong for me because it depends so much on supernatural help. The actual unveiling of the villain is pretty awesome. I did like how it all unfolded. I am a bit surprised by it all and I like being caught off guard. This is what gives the rating the extra 1/2 star boost. This romantic suspense is recommended to readers who enjoy catching serial killers with a little help from the supernatural.

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