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Review: Storming His Heart by Marie Harte

After the first book in this series as a freebie, I ended up buying the next two books because I wanted to see what happened. I am a fan of Ms. Harte's paranormal series and this one definitely hits the spot for me. This is more psychic than "paranormal with creatures". I enjoy the "James Bond" with a twist suspense stories.

Book two continues on a case for the Westlake investigators to solve. Storm's specialty crosses path with a friendly rival's company investigator - Rafe Savage. Is it just me or is Rafe a popular male protagonist name? I digress. Storm and Rafe are competitive and try to open up each other. Their one-up-man-ship creates a predictable sexual tension. When there is an adrenaline rush going in life or death situations, the sexual chemistry tends to sky rocket.

This does happen for Rafe and Storm as they roll around in bed together half way through the book. The the rest of the story, their romance is interrupted by their pesky day job - catching the bad guys! They use their psychic talents to close their case and it's fun to watch how they mesh well together. The pace of the story is just the right speed for me to enjoy the smooth ride to the conclusion. Recommended for suspense readers who enjoy a psychic element.


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