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Review: Stroke of Luck by Opal Carew

★★★ ½ @opalcarew #bookreview @SMPRomance

Second chance romances lovers, this is the book for you! Ms. Carew brings us a doozy as our initial contact with April is during the lowest time of her life. Her asshat fiancé treats her horribly. I am ready to get on with the vengeance to bring that jerk down!

Just when April is at her lowest, Quinn, the one she's loved and left behind for a better life with said abusive fiancé, sees her. Luckily for her, Quinn still carries a torch for April and instead, helps her out of the financial bind.

I am always amazing by how cruel a person can be and the type of humiliations they are willing to perpetrate to someone they claim to love. April's treatment at the hands of ex-fiancé is complete the opposite of how Quinn treats her. Quinn's grudging loving care leading to sensual fun times is delightful. Ms. Carew creates a wonderful romance of sexual heat, forgiving and second chances.

I enjoyed reading about April interacting with Quinn and his best friend Austin. What starts as kind of a lark getting back at April becomes sexy times that all three enjoy. This contemporary romance is recommended to ménage lovers who love a second chance theme.

*provided by NetGalley

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