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Review: Tempting the Dragon King by Kiersten Fay

Love space opera? Want to read about a world filled with sexy dragon shifters? This will be the series to pick up. I'm a fan of Ms. Fay because of the fun world she creates. Her characters are sweet and endearing. Her female characters tend to be feisty and her male characters tend to be constantly in the state of confusion, trying to understand said female. In this new series, we receive a healthy dose of both.

Juniper is an earthling just enjoying the outdoors. When she accidentally ends up in an alien spaceship, this is when she is jetted into a whole new reality. Luckily for her, she ends up with a race of aliens who are aware of humans from earth. And is able to communicate! Yes, there are a few far-fetched plot devices which reference characters from another series to explain how easy it is for Juniper to integrate into this alien world.

The interaction between Tristan, the King of dragon shifters and Juniper is amusing and sweet. It is the universal confusion between males and females. Watching Tristian try to understand an out of his world female is funny because even though they can "speak" in the same terms, their meanings are different. Ms. Fay keeps this story light hearted with her comedic timing. The conflict is an age old one with political alliances and arranged marriages.

This is a great start to the new spin-off series. This can be read without reading the original series, Shadow Quest. This paranormal romance is recommended to dragon shifter lovers who enjoy a bit of space opera.

*provided by NetGalley


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