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Review: The City of Endless Night

★★★ @emmaholly1 #bookreview #TheCityofEndlessNight

Splitting off part of yourself to leave in one world whilst traversing to another is dangerous magics. Iksander has no choice but to do so if he is to try and save his city. It is his city as he is the Sultan of it. What he doesn't expect is to need the help of both a human and an angel. Which makes one wonder, what is Iksander if not human or angel? He is a Djinn. This is the 4th book in this series and should not be read as a standalone. At minimal, the book prior, The Angel, should be read first. I didn't read The Angel which made this story confusing and difficult to read through.

I persevered and figured out roughly what happened in the previous book to bring myself up to speed. Once that happened, I started to enjoy the book. Most of Ms. Holly's books are seductively written with an underlying sexual tension. For some reason, this book did not have it for me. Sure, the main characters, Iksander, Georgie and Connor end up in a threesome, but I just didn't feel it. Unlike some of Ms. Holly's other books where there is some serious sexual desire, yearning and deferred gratification, this one didn't quite make it for me. The threesome felt a little more forced even if the couple of sex scenes are well written.

The plot of the story seemed to get in the way of the erotica. I felt a constant push between trying to save Iksander's city and letting the threesome come together. In the end, the saving of the city occurs a bit too easy and the invaders or enemies of Ikskander is left unresolved. Perhaps in the following book, there will be more to ensure the enemies are fully dismantled. Whilst the threesome did end up together, it seemed as if it was a constant coitus interruptus. I guess if a reader is into edging, this story would be more fun.

The last half of the book is where the plot finally moves a bit faster and the story picks up. This book did take me about 4 years of on and off reading to get through it. I believe if I read the previous book first, I would have taken to this one better. This erotic novel is recommended to romance readers who love the exotic and sexy Arabian Nights theme.


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