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Review: The Deepest of Secrets by Kelley Armstrong

★★★★ @KelleyArmstrong #TheDeepestofSecrets #NetGalley @StMartinsPress

Where do we go from here? The latest in the Rockton series revives my interest in living off the grid. There are many advantages of living in a developed area such as indoor plumbing and ... spas. The many disadvantages denoted by the complaints from residents are surmountable. This book is when the pot boils over, so to speak. I loved how the constant pressure from the last few books is finally released.

Casey and Eric once again have a murder. I swear between Bliss (Lexi Blake's books) and Rockton, it is hard to figure out which one is the #1 murder capital city per capita. The yet another set of betrayals in this story hit Casey and Eric hard. Their authority is constantly undermined and when it comes to ahead, I am relieved. Because now, Casey and Eric can say, "we have zero fucks left to give". Their attempts to broker a better deal for residents speak loudly of their loyalty and commitment. The group behind the scenes are asshats and I am glad they figure out their mistake way too late. I felt unbelievable satisfaction. Because Casey and Eric have their BATNA and they execute it beautifully.

This resonates with me because I read this book not too long after suffering for years at a job that I had begun to hate. The toxicity at that job reached a crescendo and the similar move that I see happen to Casey and Eric...I experienced. I didn't fight to keep the job, I walked and have been lighter and happier ever since. Those left behind, well, it hasn't been pretty, just like how it comes across in this book. I loved seeing the regret from those in power in this book. I am excited to see how Casey and Eric's plan come to fruition. There are still threads that need to be tied up. This book is highly recommended to suspense readers who enjoy witnessing a well-deserved comeuppance and a mea culpa.

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