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Review: The Immortal by Gena Showalter

★★★ ½ @genashowalter @edelweiss_squad #TheImmortal

Spunky and determined, Ophelia is the Harpie to beat. Of all the harpies so far, I think I like Ophelia the best. She's irreverent, full of grit, a boulder on her shoulder, and she's funny as hell. In this "groundhog's day" contest, Ophelia meets her match ... Halo Phaninon. Tune into this book for blood-flying mayhem and sexy times.

Why did a harpy have to eschew sex in order to become the general? This is a bit crazy to demand of harpies in my mind. I mean, yes, they kind of are man-haters in some sense. They also seem to be lust ridden at times and would love to take a bite out of a hunky guy. Ophelia is this kind of harpy and she struggles with her desire to become general or to fuck Halo into submission. Both I think are equally hard goals to accomplish.

This story continues the Greek tragedy-esque in sacrifice, betrayal, and lose-lose situations. The trials that Ophelia and Halo have to complete to get to the end for ascension are ridiculous. I imagine Ms. Showalter cackling at her computer as she types out another chapter on how to torture her hero and heroine. Oh, the Humanity! Just as I don't think it can get any worse, Ms. Showalter cranks it up a notch and just stabs me in the gut. I am so sad for these two star-crossed lovers. The conflict in this story is a big one and the prize at the end is huge. I wasn't sure what would happen and my anxiety increased as the book continued to show a path to no return.

I am happy to report that this paranormal romance is recommended for erotic readers who love their happily ever afters.

*provided by Edelweiss


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