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Review: The Pearl by Tiffany Reisz


When it comes to erotic romance, Ms. Reisz is hands down one of the most creative and sensual. This series, "The Godwicks" is divine. This can be read as a standalone. There are a couple of references to the previous books which felt like easter egg cameos.

What can I say about this book? The imagery is lush and rich with sensual interactions between a goody two shoes Lord Arthur and a rich widow, Regan Ferry. I love the premise of this story. Ms. Reisz takes a scandalous situation and completely turns it on its head. When was the last time a man whored himself out to save a family member? And yet even in this manner, Ms. Reisz shows how a woman in power still does not always have the power. Not because she gives it away, but because men and women respond to situations differently and more devastatingly, society's rules make it a different experience.

I cannot help but think of the movies: Camille Claudel and Un Coeur en Hiver when reading this story. Regan is an angry woman. She is taking it out on the Godwicks due to a skeleton in their closet. When it is revealed, I'm a bit flummoxed. I feel like Regan has zero justification for doing what she did. However, her actions of revenge set off a nice change of events which ends up bringing about a really wonderful conclusion. I am impressed with the twist and turns in this story as I always am with Ms. Reisz.

There are so many threads of deeper meaning in this story that I wish to have it discussed in a literary fashion with other women in a book club together. The concepts of feminism, patriarchy, self actualization are blended into this erotic romance. When Ms. Reisz stated in an interview somewhere, that she wanted to write intelligent romance, she succeeds every time. I am always wowed by her artistry and I cannot wait to be seduced again. This erotic romance is highly recommended to readers who want something fresh, different and provocative.

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