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Review: The Wedding by Julie Garwood

★★★★ @JulieGarwood #ThrowbackReview #TheWedding

Hard to believe this is book was read almost 20 years ago. During the turn of the century, I mostly read historical romances and I adored the Scottish Lairds before it was even a fad. I find it interesting that almost 2 decades later, the rest of the world has caught up with the Scottish brogue. Or at least they find it sexy instead of just incomprehensible. I wonder, am I the only one that reads these books with the Scottish laird speaking with a Scottish accent?

I first found Julie Garwood with book Ransom. Or at least that is the one I remember the most. I review for that book will come up next week. This book is a classic one with an arranged marriage and the two following in love. Or at least Brenna forces Connor to acknowledge her and find out that "why yes, he might fancy her." This is an alpha male expecting his word to be law and only to find the little woman to be a fierce Scottish woman. This kind of historical romance used to make my heart sing with happiness. The conflict which is frustrating with a bullheaded male is resolved through love. For the younger more idealistic me, this is a heady tale and I adore it.

This historical romance is recommended to romance readers who like possessive Scottish lairds.


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