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Review: Valliant by Laurann Dohner

I'm hooked. While this is very similar to the Lora Leigh Breeds, it's still very good and enjoyable. Actually, since this is only book 3 instead of book number 26, it feels fresh.

In book three, we focus on Valiant. Valiant is more animal than human. Even among the New Species, he's an outcast and feared. We learn more about the atrocities committed against these hybrids. We are also beaten over the head with these "pure" human groups. This is the main conflict causing the "suspense" part of this romance.

I like Valiant. He knows what he wants. Mine. Mine. Mine. M.I.N.E. At one point I was writing the word "mine" on my items. (This was when I was 25. I stopped when it was pointed out to me.) Hence, I understand Valiant's mindset.

Tanny is a sweet character. She has common sense which makes me like her. She's thinks things through. She's also a tenderhearted woman. I would be happy to call her a friend, especially since she lost her best friend. We know why Tim tossed her over, because he didn't want to be a friend. He wanted a piece of her ass and now he's pouting because it's finally real that she's not into him.

I think what I enjoy most about this series is the great sex. The rough animalistic sex strokes me in just the right way. I hope they continue this good. I recommend this paranormal romance book to those who enjoy a bit of biting and rough sex.


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