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Review: Werewolves of London by Angie Fox

Coming in on the last book of the Trilogy, it is surprisingly easy to get up to speed. New to me Ms. Fox pens a surprising conclusion on the war between the gods. I would recommend reading the first 2 books in this trilogy for a better backstory. Full disclosure, I only read this book and it still made sense.

In this world of battle where the soldiers are pressed to fight by the gods, Petra is irregular in that she's human. Human with a little twist. She sees dead people. That in itself isn't too special until it's coupled with a prophecy. Petra's life has been upended and she is stuck in this unrelenting war. Is this hell or is this purgatory? All she knows is that she needs to keep her talent a secret whilst she spends day after day, trying to save the lives of solders dying in a meaningless war. As a doctor, her inability to save every life drains her. Her friendships and lovers help to keep her sane in this never ending war.

Petra's life is complicated and it gets even more complicated when her ex and a fugitive enter into her camp for help. Whilst trying to help her ex, she has to attend a baby shower... for Medusa. I have to say, the baby shower is hilarious with a delightful evil twist. Whilst a bit terrifying at times, it is still pretty funny, especially Petra's reaction. For a dire war time, it is nice to see the comradery amongst the medics and solders. The way they banded together to keep the investigators from their goal was inventive and entertaining.

Ms. Fox's writing style is appealing and lively. Her characters are memorable. This first taste of her story has me hooked and I want to read more stories from her. After reading this one, I'll be checking out the first two books in the trilogy as well as other books. This fun blend of supernaturals, quirky and sometimes surreal situations makes for an enjoy read. This urban fantasy is recommended to readers who like snark and irreverence towards higher beings.

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