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Review: When a Princess Proposes

★★★★ @KerrelynSparks #WhenaPrincessProposes #NetGalley

Book three in this Embraced by Magic spin-off series captures my attention and draws me back into this world of people with power and those without. In two decades, as much as things have changed, they are still the same. There are those who are jealous of the embrace's power and those who fear it. I am not sure which is worse. Or perhaps it is those who both fear and covet the power that are the truly dangerous. This book can be reads as a standalone. It is better reading the original series and the books before this one to fully see the connections between the different characters.

What happens when a princess falls for someone who is not of the nobility? Most likely not great things and a possible star-crossed lover trope. Ms. Sparks takes a bit of a different approach and I liked it. Eviana is the princess in her ivory tower. This is not of her choosing and more a necessity due to fearful parents. I like how the information surrounding her power is slowly doled out. This reveal made it more impactful for me. I liked how Eviana wanted to take charge and break free from her protective cocoon.

Quentin is a mix for me. He's an honourable guy whose self esteem is to low for me. His lack of confidence in his worth makes him less sexy. I'm not saying I wanted an arrogant asshat who demands what he thinks he is worth. I'm saying that his self depreciation became a little too much for me. Almost like he uses his lack of status to hide behind. His fear of rejection made him want to discount himself even more. Blech.

This is more than just a fumbling romance between two socially awkward characters. There is actual a dual romance that is sweet. This is a character growth journey that is fun to witness. There is also a conspiracy to break up and possible new players to cause mischief. There is also a wild card that I suspect will receive their own book. This book opens up new possibilities in the Embraced world and I'm excited about them. Ms. Spark delivers a magical tale and I wanted more when I reached the end. This fantasy romance is recommended to readers who enjoy characters who learn to be comfortable in their own skin.

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