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Review: Wild Country by Anne Bishop

Waiting for the next book in the OTHERS series? Check out the this book in a spin-off of the same universe. This is a view into the life of Others and how they handle the humans that encroach upon their lands.

This book can be read as a standalone. I recommend reading the Other series first. There are events which take place in that series which parallels the timeline that goes in this book.

Bennett is a town that is reclaimed by the Terre Indigene. Humans decide to get rid of the Others and our friend Joe Wolfguard is a causality of this battle. A battle that humans lost and still don't understand the ramifications. With Bennett now run by the Terre Indigene again, it is a little like the wild wild west. Trying to recover from the removal of humans is not as easy as the Terre Indigene think. First, there are so many animals kept as pets by humans. These animals cannot be released into the wild as they are domesticated. Second, there are not enough Inuit who can come and help the Terre Indigene absorb this town back into the Terre Indigene lands. The Terre Indigene have no choice but to put problem solver Toyla Sanguianati in charge to bring the "right" kind of people into Bennet.

This book is a beautifully woven story of friendship, betrayal, and human greed. The humans who haven't learned that the Terre Indigene and specifically the Elders and Elementals are not to be messed with. There are some "good humans" like Jana who wanted to be a cop only to be informed after graduating near the top of her class, that women can only be dispatchers. The Terre Indigene don't care about gender. Jana's chance as a cop is a blended human/Other experiment for the Terre Indigene. I love the miscommunications between the Terre Indigene and humans. Realizing how different they think and how much they have to learn to understand each other is something I like reading. What is interesting is that I lean more towards the way of the Terre IndigeneI's thinking and philosophy. I am not sure what that makes me.

This magical paranormal tale is highly recommended to readers who love shifters and side with those who protect the earth.


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