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Blog Tour: A Lair so Primal by Zoey Ellis

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She trespassed on his land. Now she is his to keep.

A Lair So Primal, an all-new fantasy romance filled with magic from author Zoey Ellis is available now!

From a dark, magic-ravaged world comes an enthralling new fantasy romance series. Five brothers, last of an ancient Alpha bloodline, each bound by fire and blood to their majestic dragons.

While travelling to a dragon lord’s lair, Elora crosses forbidden land belonging to the lord’s brother, a viciously territorial alpha named Zendyor.

Known for his legendary temper, Zendyor and his bonded dragon are feared across the realm… and now, because of one mistake, she must be turned over to him.

Though she has suffered tragedies through a long-waged war that would make most crumble, Elora is the ultimate optimist and looks to the future with hope.

But nothing prepares her for the seductiveness of his fury.

Terrified, she tries to avoid him and shine a light against the darkness that permeates his lair, but the alpha will not allow it.

His dark attentions turn into a carnal obsession.

Soon she is caught in his storm, unable to tell the difference between his never-ending fury and his primal hunger for her.

When a sudden opportunity arises to escape him, Elora discovers secrets about herself that crush her eternal optimism.

But Zenyor will not allow her to evade his claim. As his rage reaches heights that threaten the realm, he wants everything she is.

He may be the final battle she cannot survive.

A LAIR SO PRIMAL is the third book in The Last Dragorai, an adult fantasy romance series. This series can be read as standalones but will be better enjoyed if read in order. Includes romance of a dark nature and a HEA.

Start reading today!

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Start the series with A Lair So Sinful!

Add A Lair So Sinful to Goodreads:


“Trust is unnecessary when there are consequences for undesirable behavior,” he said, his mouth tight and his eyes dark, “or for not abiding by the rules.”

Elora could barely focus on what he was saying. Agonizing pain rocked her to her core, making her breathless. Her mind swam, trying to make sense of what was happening. She’d always been able to handle everything with a smile on her face, taking life as it came, looking for reasons to be bright and hopeful in the harsh realities of the Twin Realms. But in just the few hours she’d spent in this beast’s lair, she knew she would struggle to do that here. He sought pain and punishment. It was only severe loathing for him that would keep her sane. This man truly was a beast.

She squeezed her eyes shut, breathing heavily and biting her lip, trying to come to terms with the pain, and she settled her dazed mind so she could ask for a healer, but when she opened them again, the beast was watching her closely, his eyes once again on her neck. Suddenly, he leaned forward toward her… too close.

Elora couldn’t get away. She tensed again unsure of his intentions, but as he lowered his face, aiming for her neck, disbelief embraced her at what he was doing.

“Don’t,” she tried to snap at him.

He ignored her and nestled his nose close to the base of her neck.

Elora wished she had the strength to kick him, push him away from her, but strangely, a large part of her craved what he was about to do.

Slowly, the beast scented her, running his nose up the length of her neck and releasing a rumble of pleasure as he did. A deep involuntary shudder gripped Elora’s body, followed by a beam of desire that stung her nipples and sent a rush to her stomach. For a moment, the dizzying agony of her arm dulled, faded into the distance in favor of the alpha’s proximity and expression of sexual interest. A moan escaped her lips as her slick began to gather between her legs, and she breathed in his complex, heady scent, greedy for more.

So that’s what it felt like. Mama told her an alpha scenting an omega was an intimate and private gesture between a couple who were potentially compatible. It was an alpha’s way of determining the true scent of an omega, but was only something he would do if she was attractive to him. During the war, most alphas didn’t bother. They weren’t looking for compatible omegas—once they managed to get one, the most important thing was getting between her legs, not scenting her neck. It was somewhat old-fashioned—a sign of a respectful courtship, and despite how much she hated this beast, this behavior pleased her.

“Your scent is spectacular,” the beast murmured, his voice beautifully husky.

The tang of her blood in the air pierced the blanketing comfort of his scent, disoriented her. All she could do was gurgle in response.

The dragorai was already undoing her furs.

About Zoey Ellis

Zoey Ellis writes dark, magical, fantasy romances about tortured, possessive, alpha anti-heroes and the sassy heroines who belong to them (even if they don’t want to!). Filled with passionate, carnal steam, Zoey’s stories feature couples that go through tough journeys and make mistakes but ultimately have to grow for each other to survive the dark worlds they inhabit.

Described as ‘deliciously dark’ and ‘unputdownable’, Zoey’s thrilling, fantastical romances come complete with roller-coaster twists and turns, unique worlds, and happy endings.

Zoey is a Londoner, cat mama, and proud romance and epic fantasy addict. She loves jealous/possessive heroes, sexual tension that jumps off the page, and memorable, magical worlds. She reads most genres of romance and has a special love for the ‘true mates’ trope and dark angst. However, she enjoys all different genres of fiction, usually on the darker side.

When not working on her stories, Zoey is usually gaming, buddying reading with friends or stumbling upon new and ridiculous ways to mess up a date!

Connect with Zoey

Dark Halos Facebook Group:


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