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Dark Soul Vol. 2 by Aleksandr Voinov


The voyeur in me is happily dancing as I read this second installment of Dark Soul. I'm angry at Battista and find him to an asshole. He broke Silvio's heart. I rage at this yet I'm still very turned on by their phone sex. That was hot. This is another 3.5 star story and I'm hooked. I'm devouring this story as we learn more about the relationship between Battista and Silvio. This Dorian Grey reference is pretty messed up in my opinion. It's rather creepy yet makes so much sense. I like it!

This is another short story and well written. Mr. Voinov gives us more pieces to this seductive world. We witness violence as expected. I'm still impressed with Stefano's will power to resist. I think at this point, I'd have succumb to Silvio's charm. Then again, I'd rather be Silvio submitting to Stefano. What I'm really hoping for is a ménage between Stefano, his wife and Silvio. Now that would blow my mind. I realize that the storyline is to resolve this issue with the Russians. The smexy scenes are so riveting and distracting. I recommend this second story to m/m lovers who aren't afraid of darkness.


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